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david michael kennedy

david michael kennedy

Working in New York in the 1970s and 80s, David Michael Kennedy developed a successful career in advertising, editorial, album cover, and portrait photography. In 1986, leaving his commercial career behind to concentrate solely on his personal work, he moved to northern New Mexico where he began documenting the land and cultures of the Southwest.
In March 2004, David departed New Mexico on a two-year journey through America. He traveled over 70,000 miles, in a vintage 1960 Airstream Trailer, photographing the American people and diverse landscapes.
He has returned to New Mexico immersed in the production of “Images from the Road” and in the beginning stages of other new works.
He works within the realm of analogue processes. The artworks are materialized through the traditional technique of Platinum/Palladium printing. After working with various format cameras over the years, David chose to use a homemade 4x5 camera for the body of work, “Images from the Road”. Recently he has put aside his 4x5 camera as he redefines his vision working with a 35mm Leica.
David continues to teach private landscape and platinum palladium darkroom workshops, as well as workshops with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.
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