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douglas gilbert

douglas gilbert

Douglas R. Gilbert has been a serious photographer since the age of fourteen. When he was twenty-one, he joined the staff of Look magazine in New York. A few years later, he left Look to work as a freelance photographer and has since had his work published in countless national and international publications.
His work is in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, as well as in many private and institutional collections. Forever Young, a group of photographs from an unpublished Look story is his fourth book. He lives with his wife in Grand Haven, Michigan.
“The unique aspect of photography that sets it apart from other visual art media (save cinema) is that the camera produces a literal image for the subject. For me as artist it is also the crucial and ongoing challenge to make unaltered photographs that are intelligent and compelling. A photograph is full of facts, but is also capable of containing great mystery. This is what I strive to embody in all my work. To go beyond the surface—the appearance of the subject—and suggest that there is more to be known, is for me, most important. I find the natural world endlessly fascinating, inexhaustibly rich with suggestion and mystery.”