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robert whitman

robert whitman

Many people first pick up a camera to record their passions whatever they may be. But sooner or later, the best of them find that photography itself is their real passion. That¹s true of Robert Whitman. Along the way, he found not just a pastime, but a way of life.
As a young hippie traveling the world after college, Robert found that with his camera he had entree to people and places he never would have encountered. He¹s been on a life long journey of discovery ever since, with stops in Brazil, Cuba, Arizona, Miami Beach, Moscow, and Uruguay, just to name a few of the places where he¹s lived and worked.
Early in his career, Robert tagged along with a friend to the studio of an unknown young musician. One of his first shoots produced iconic images of the subject - today known as Prince.
Photographing people from all over, young and old, rich or poor, Robert says that his work “reveals the common humanity that unites us all.”