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stephen stickler

stephen stickler

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Stephen Stickler moved with his family to Northern California during the mid-1970s. Eleven years old at the time, and unfamiliar with popular music of any kind, he was immediately drawn to the melodies of The Beatles and to the power of Led Zeppelin. The music of the era was influential as he took up photography, eventually leading to a career that combined his love for both.
Stephen landed a job as Executive Editor of Bikini magazine in 1993, an imprint of Raygun, the influential music magazine of the '90s. He also served as Photo and Fashion editor for Raygun Magazine, which allowed him access to bands and concerts. After assembling a strong portfolio of notable groups, he ventured out on his own to work on assignments for prominent magazines like Spin, Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. Major record labels hired him to shoot album covers; at around the same time, he expanded into celebrity portraiture and advertising photography. Stephen has shot numerous magazine and album covers, including famous images for Korn, Sugar Ray, and Iggy Pop.
Mr. Stickler currently resides in Los Angeles, where he now works on personal projects and directing videos and short films.