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Rock Mosaics By Lynn Goldsmith

The iconic musicians chosen for this series attained success because of their talents and hard work.  Lynn was one of the few photographers who did studio portraiture as well as concert and documentary imagery. With her range of photography made over a number of years with each of the artists chosen for the series, she is able to create one image made from over 2000 photographs.  Each mosaic shows the people as well as the activities that make these individuals the rock stars they are.  In addition, the Rock Mosaic reflects a time when record album packages were 12×12 inches and the buyer would often study it while listening to the music, looking for the “secrets” in the artwork.  This assemblage of small pieces into one image is inspired by that experience.

The Rock Mosaic images can be printed for traditional framing  or as prints to be mounted to plexi.



  • Rock Mosaics Collection RRPG
  • keith mosaic 60 inches
  • mick face closeup 2mosaic1
  • Mick hands on hips
  • Mick Jagger Back Mosaic
  • patti mosaic1
  • mosaic2
  • sting mosaic cropped1
  • Sting, 1978-1984
  • head shot closeup mosaic1
  • springsteen jumping
  • springsteen  60 inches
  • petty1
  • mosaic1
  • kiss
  • kiss mosaic final1
  • Mick Jagger Arms Raised Mosaic
  • Bruce Springsteen Mosaic
  • Patti Smith, 1965-2014
  • Michael Jackson,1981-1996
  • Bob Marley, 1976-2014
  • Debbie Harry, 1977-1987
  • Keith Richards, 1972-1998